Our Standard RICS Specification

Survey to locate all relevant visible site features and to conform to the RICS specification.

  • Site boundaries (Fences/Walls/Hedges etc.) indicating type, width and height.

  • Road frontage to main access road.

  • Footpaths, cycleways, tracks and verges.

  • General changes in surfacing noting type.

  • Building footprints with threshold levels and general heights to ridge and eaves.

  • Other structures such as bridges, piers, ramps, steps, canopies etc.

  • General topography including banks, slopes, depressions, bunds, lakes, ditches and watercourses.

  • Isolated trees above 150mm diameter (at 1.5m above ground) indicating trunk position, canopy spread.

  • Limits of woodland blocks, vegetation and bushes, shrubs and gardens

  • Service & drainage covers Inc. Junction boxes / feeder pillars.

  • Service poles (Telegraph & Electricity)

  • Main overhead service routes with cable heights noted where possible.

  • General street/site furniture (Signage, benches, litter bins, telephone boxes etc.).

Levels to be taken at suitable centres across the site with all data referenced to the OS grid and datum via GPS methods with permanent survey control stations established for future reference.

We can supply data in a range of different formats. From paper plots to digital .pdf files.


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