Five Reasons You’ll Need a Land Surveyor


Surveying is an important but little understood part of the building process. The surveyor is the link between design and construction. You may need a land surveyor for many reasons. Here are just a few:

1. You want to extend your home

When planning an extension, a surveyor needs to be engaged from the outset so the designer has a starting point. A boundary survey & topographical survey may be required.

2. You need to erect a fence on your property

When building a new fence on your property, it is always best to request the new boundary set out from your title deeds to make sure your boundaries are where you think they are. If you have recently built your home, boundary pegs can easily be moved during this process.

3. You want to subdivide your land

Much like extending your home, the process all starts with an as built survey to show a designer and the council the current opportunities and restraints that exist. Then the survey will be sent to the Land Registry to register the land division via Solicitors.

4. You have a boundary dispute with a neighbour

In this case you would need a boundary survey. This would give yourself and your neighbour a accurate plan showing the true locations of your boundaries and will help resolve your dispute.

5. You need some advice on developing your land

Knowing what land you have and by understanding council requirements, zones, site and servicing constraints. Having a land survey will enable architects and planners to make quick assessments of sites from a development perspective.

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  1. I found it interesting when you explained that it is important to hire a land surveyor when building an extension onto your house so that they can work with the designer. My brother and his wife want to build a sunroom onto the side of their house so that they can have a place to grow some plants. I’ll be sure to mention to them that they should consider hiring a land surveyor before they go forward with this project.

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