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Established in 1990. Axis Surveys are Land Surveyors based in Burton upon Trent. We provide professional measurement services including topographical surveys, measured building surveys and underground utility surveys. Some of our clients include councils, construction companies and planning consultants. Axis Surveys has also worked for house builders and private individuals for across vast range of projects.

In more recent years Axis Surveys have invested in new staff and new equipment. As a result we can now provide a wider range of services and skills. Including 3D Laser Scanning and detailed 3D CAD drawings.

In 2018 Axis Surveys became part of Barrett & Booth Limited. Continuing to trade as Axis Surveys meaning we can still provide the same services with the reputation built up over 28 years in the industry.

After spending 30 years on Bretby Business Park, in 2020 we expanded our business with a new office location. Our new facility offers us the opportunity to better serve our loyal customers and work with our valuable business partners. We look forward to continuing to serve your needs and work with you at our new location.

Based in Burton upon Trent in Staffordshire. Axis Surveys provides all our services across the whole of the UK.

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We specialise in Land & Building surveys but provide many other services across the whole of the UK.

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