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About Axis Surveys

Established in 1990 by Mick Barrett. Axis Surveys has been a  surveying practice based in Burton upon Trent. Providing professional measurement services including topographical surveys, measured building surveys, site engineering and underground utility surveys for a vast range of clients across the country. Including Local and County Councils. Large, medium and small construction companies. Local and National planning consultants. Axis Surveys has also worked for house builders and private individuals.

In more recent years Axis Surveys have invested in new staff and new equipment meaning we can now provide a wider range of services and skills. Including 3D Laser Scanning and detailed 3D CAD drawings.

In 2018 Axis Surveys became part of Barrett & Booth Limited. Continuing to trade as Axis Surveys meaning we can still provide the same services with the reputation built up over 28 years in the industry.

Based in Burton upon Trent in Staffordshire. Axis Surveys provides all our services across the whole of the UK.

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Most simply a land surveyor is needed whenever a land survey is required. A land survey can range from an intensely detailed map of an area, including measurements and positioning of all property, to simply a skeletal plan with only the key features.

We use the latest Leica Geosystem instruments. We currently have:

  •  Leica TS16 Total Station
  • Leica 1200 Total Station
  • Leica GS08 Smart Rover
  • Leica GPS1200 Smart Rover

We also use these with optical and digital levels as well as laser distance measures and the tradition tape measure.

We use latest versions of LSS Surveying and Engineering software,  and AutoCAD. We also use LSS Point Clouds for our work with 3D Laser scanners and point cloud processing.

We can provide our surveys in a range of different data formats depending on your project requirements. Typically we provide data as digital .dwg and .pdf formats. We can also supply paper prints and data in .xyz format.

As with most cases the work is required urgently and the timescale is usually stipulated by the client. All quotations are issued with lead times and upon instruction we provide accurate completion dates. Progress reports can be are provided for larger contracts.

Yes, the majority of survey work we undertake is in and around the Midlands; however we do undertake work all over the UK.

We will provide fixed rate quotations once we have received information regarding the site, the extent of the survey work required and the specifications. Most topographical survey work can be priced from a location plan / Ordnance Survey map. Often an address will suffice as Google Maps will do the rest. Building survey work, internal floor plans and elevations may require a site visit which is free of charge with no obligation.

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