3D Laser Scanning

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High Definition scanning is the definitive method of recording any area, building or object in 3D. This eliminates the need for site re-visits and will preserve a fully measurable data set for indefinite use and archive.

The data generated from laser scanning can be used to not only provide drawn elevations, plans and sections, but also used to form the basis for 3D models, reconstruction and visualisation.

  • Floor Plans

  • Building Elevations

  • Cross Sections

Each element of the property can be surveyed independently or as part of a fully connected co-ordinated survey which will reference the floor plans, elevations, topographical surveys and 3D Point Clouds.


2D Floor Plans and Elevations created from a 3D point cloud surveyed using a Leica ScanStation P30.

Office Block, Berkshire

This large former office block was scanned several times at different times of conversion to ensure design conformity.

17 Floor Office Conversion, Hampshire

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